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Massachusetts Mayflower Academy FAQ

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a full-time online private high school. VHS Learning is a nonprofit organization that provides online courses to students and schools across the United States and around the world. VHS Learning operates and oversees Massachusetts Mayflower Academy. Students enrolled in the academy take online courses from VHS Learning to meet their graduation requirements. VHS Learning has a 25+-year history of offering online high school and middle school courses.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is for students who are unable to (or prefer not to) attend a face-to-face high school. Students enroll in the program to meet their graduation requirements and receive a high school diploma. Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is an online private school operated by VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts.

Students apply and are accepted to Massachusetts Mayflower Academy. Once accepted they work with our guidance counselor and administration to select and enroll in courses that meet their high school graduation requirements. Students choose from the more than 300 courses available through VHS Learning. Courses are asynchronous which means students do not have to login to their course on a specific day or at a specific time but students must meet weekly deadlines set by their course instructors. Class sizes are limited to 25 students and all classes are conducted entirely online. Students work closely with their teachers and classmates in an online class environment through group projects, class discussions, and more. A standard, college-preparatory course takes about 6-8 hours of work per week.

Annual tuition for the academy is $8,000 per year or $4,000 per semester.

We offer flexible payment plans and financial aid may be available depending on need. To arrange a payment plan, make a payment, or request financial aid, please call us at 978.897.1900 or email for assistance.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a full-time Massachusetts online private school accredited by Middle States Association (CESS), Cognia, and powered by VHS Learning. Upon graduation from Massachusetts Mayflower Academy students receive a diploma based on Massachusetts high school graduation standards. Massachusetts Mayflower Academy also has been approved for NCAA initial eligibility (school code 850943). VHS Learning uses NCAA approval code 221356. Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center for more information. 

There are two steps to the application process. The first step of the application process requires that a parent or guardian complete an application form online. Once the application form is completed the next step is to download the second portion of the application and instructions for how to complete the process. Students who wish to be considered for full-time enrollment in Massachusetts Mayflower Academy must seek to enroll in grades 9-12, must be under the age of 21, and must desire a high school diploma.

No. Students must be under the age of 21 and be full-time students to enroll in Massachusetts Mayflower Academy.

Courses taken through the academy are on a semester-basis. Courses begin in September for the fall semester and January for the spring semester and run for 15 weeks. Full-year courses beginning in September are also available and run for 35 weeks. Courses have weekly deadlines and due dates – they are not self-paced. Students can login at any time to complete the course work as long as deadlines and due dates are met. Students are expected to login to their course on four different days each week, to pace work and participate in class discussions.

Students are eligible for their high school diploma when they have completed all graduation requirements as noted in the Massachusetts Mayflower Policy Handbook. A total of 22 credits are required to meet graduation requirements. Transfer students who desire to receive a diploma from Massachusetts Mayflower Academy must complete at least one academic year of Massachusetts Mayflower Academy courses (6 credits). If students wish to have credits earned at other institutions accepted for credit towards a diploma, they must provide official transcripts from other institutions. Graduation Requirements from the academy are: English 4 years (4 credits); Mathematics 4 years (4 credits); Science 3 years (3 credits) 3 years of lab courses required; Social Studies 3 years (3 credits) and must include World History, U.S. History, and U.S. Government; Foreign Language 2 years (2 credits) same language; Health/Personal Finance 1 year (1 credit) 0.5 credit each; Physical Education 1 year (1 credit); Arts/Humanities 1 year (1 credit); Electives 3 credits and may be taken in any content area - must include 1 technology course.

Students take all their courses entirely online through the academy. All courses they take are administered by VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization which operates the school. Transfer credits may be accepted upon transcript review. Students must take at least 6 courses through Massachusetts Mayflower Academy to receive a high school diploma from the school.

Amy Michalowski is our Dean. Please call our main office at 978.897.1900 or email if you have questions or need assistance.

Yes, we offer courses at three different levels. Course levels help students understand class expectations before they enroll in a course. Levels provide students with perspective about class rigor to enable students of varying abilities to evaluate their potential for success. Due to the different categorizes of course levels in secondary schools, our courses are organized into three achievement levels: Standard, Honors, and Advanced Placement. All courses prepare students for post-secondary educational pursuits. Our courses are all at or above college preparatory level and are designed to challenge students and provide opportunities for enrichment. Definitions of each course level are included below.

  • Standard Level - Standard level, college preparatory, courses are appropriate for students intending to pursue two- or four-year college placement. Courses require well-developed reading, writing, mathematical, critical thinking, and study abilities, as well as self-discipline and organization to complete assignments within expected deadlines. Students are expected to work on average between 6 to 8 hours per week in a Standard level course.
  • Honors Level - Honors level courses are presented at a more accelerated pace than Standard level courses and require students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of course concepts. Honors courses require advanced reading, writing, mathematical, critical thinking, and study abilities, as well as self-discipline and organization to complete assignments within expected deadlines. Students are expected to work on average between 8 and 10 hours per week in an Honors level course.
  • Advanced Placement (AP®) Level - Advanced Placement courses are equivalent to college level courses and require students understand concepts that are more complex and faster paced than most traditional high school coursework. Advanced Placement courses include open-ended discussions, detailed writing assignments, and complex problem solving, and they require students have strong collaboration skills and excellent reading and writing abilities. Students will be expected to research and analyze materials to formulate and justify their claims and opinions. AP students are encouraged to complete the College Board exam testing knowledge of the AP subject, which may (depending on the college) translate into college credits if the student scores high enough on the exam. Students are expected to work on average between 10 and 12 hours per week in an AP level course.